Fashion Design
Zoltán Tóth
Prague / Bratislava
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Public Relations
Nikol Novotná
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​Vězeňská 3, Prague, Czech Republic
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Dušní 8, Prague, Czech Republic
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Hlboká cesta 7, Bratislava, Slovakia
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Authenticity. Quality. Sustainability. Those are the three main pillars of Zoltán Tóth’s work. Born in Slovakia and influenced by his grandmothers sewing machine, Zoltán has always been amused by creation. Since the young age, he was playing with composition and construction. As he grew older, he fell in love with architecture. During his studies however, he realized that large spaces are not truly what he desires. That is why he switched to ‘’microarchitecture'' as he calls it - clothes as a space for an individual. The architectural knowledge helped him to capture the human’s anatomy and cultivate it. Dress it. 

His journey has started at UMPRUM in Prague, where he obtained his master’s degree in fashion design and has continued at Ann Demeulemeester’s atelier in Antwerp. According to his own words, he never forsakes architectural nor fashion education in his creation process. That might be the reason, why Zoltán Tóth's collections are so interactive and playful. 

His creation process always starts with an idea. The idea subsequently grows and acquire shapes and colors. The shapes are finalized locally, either in Czech Republic or in Slovakia. The materials are collected with the lower possible impact on the environment. Zoltán Tóth works with recycled materials such as ECONYL, recycled polyester with GAS certificate, and additional fabrics certified with GOTS. 

Zoltán and his team never compromise on quality. Clothing with Zoltán Tóth's pink label should always serve the customer, in good or bad, and forever…